At Optical Reflections we strive to offer our patients the highest quality vision care and service. Each of our staff members are professionally trained to assist you in making informed decisions about what prodicts and procedures will best benefit you and your individual eye care needs.
     We offer many services using the latest in computer assisted technology.
  •  Comprehensive Eye Examinations
  •  Contact Lens Fittings
  •  Glaucoma and Cataract Evaluations
  •  Cataract and LASIK Surgery 
 Our product offerings include:  
  •  A large selection of fashionable eyewear
  •  Visual Aid Devices
  •  Pediatric Eyewear
  •  Disposable, soft toric, bifocal and cosmetic contact lenses

Our Business Hours


 Monday:  9:30am -5pm
 Tuesday:  8:30am -5pm
 Wednesday:  8:30am -5pm
 Thursday  8:30am -7pm
 Friday:  8am -5pm
 Saturday:  Once a month
 Sunday:  closed