Our Practice

"I really appreciate the personal care you've give me! So nice to have an eye doctor who gives such personalized attention and care." -Heather  H.

We offer many services using the latest in computer assisted technology: 
    • Comprehensive Eye Examinations - All Ages  (InfantSEE provider)
    • Digital Photograpy (internal and external pictures)
    • Eye Injury/Emergencies  (pink eye, foreign objects, trauma, etc.) 
    • Treatment for Headaches or Computer Vision Syndrome (computer progressive lenses, antireflective coating)
    • Contact Lens Fittings (spherical, astigmatism, multifocal, rigid gas permeable, color lenses)
    • Cataract and Glaucoma Evaluations (pre- and post-op care)
    • Diabetic Eye Care (consultation between primary care physicians)
    • Dry Eye and Allergy Evaluations (Restasis, punctal plugs, Pataday, prescription medications)
                    Many services covered by Major Medical Insurances

Medical & Vision Insurances Accepted
*Avesis                 *Optum Health
*Superior               *ARKids/Medicaid
*Always Vision      *Medicare/Humana/Medicaid
*Qual Choice         *Health Advantage
*UMR                        *United Health Care
*Blue Cross Blue Shield of any state          *VSP vision

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Contact Lenses
 We offer many types of contact lenses including 1day lenses, colored lenses, astigmatism lenses, bifocal/multifocal contact lenses and specialty lenses/Rigid Gas Permeable.
Acuvue Oasys and Air Optix Aqua IN STOCK! Take them home today!
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ARKids/Medicaid exams and glasses!

Retinal Photography:
We perform digital photography with every comprehensive eye exam! We take photos of both the inside and outside of each eye. You now visualize exactly what the doctor sees and can better understand the importance of annual exams and disease-related occurences in the eye.

Recycling Contact Lens Packaging:
Get $5 off
your contact lens purchase or next visit by bringing in 6 lens packages (2wk/monthly lenses), 45 packages (daily lenses), or three contact lens cases/solution bottles for recycling!  Be Green!

No membership necessary! Call us at 479-527-0100
3081 N Hwy 112 Fayetteville Arkansas 7270
Next to Fayetteville Sam's Club, Garland Ave exit 66